I come from…( an Exercise

I Come from the full moon

I come from the woods

and the river that ambled by

I come from many children

I come from under a damp leaf

I come from Blue Hill Road

I came from children with salty fingers

and where the deer licked there hands

I come from the O’Brien’s , who made boots

I came from love that ran from grief

I came from soft grass and large sky’s

From hard wooden floors and muddy ponds

I come from under the lake where the salamanders hide

I come form prayers and for Pete sake

I come from a thin space where eyes can not see

I come you and I go to me

I come from a game thats called out your name from behind trees

I come from a dream and a cup of tea

I come from indigo that runs into sap green

I come from a long breath followed by a deep sign

I come from watermelon and ice pops

I come from laughter and sugary sweets

I come from holding hands in the shadows of night

I come from the wind

I come from the sun

I come from a words, waiting to be sung

By Suzanne M Clements


Gelateria Beppino

You must stop by and visit this wonderful cafe and say hi to Suzanne & Beppino, sit for while and try one of Suzanne’s wonderful tasty pastries.

I’m amazed that some people still do not know this cafe is here in Bridport.

Knowing what a company gets wrong is not always easy, but I sure know when I see one that’s got it right.

Having started and run a few small businesses in my early life. I understand the dedication and difficulty that goes into opening and running a new company.

The pressure of starting up, opening and then making businesses a success, you need experience and tenacity.

I enjoy supporting new business with good style and consistent branding. Some might say Bridport has enough coffee shops but I disagree, I believe it will become a place to come to get a drink and spend time in our town, with wide sidewalks busy market and plenty of seating. Crowds come with warm summer days and the town will always be busy. Our wide Sidewalk overflowing with people sightseeing and people watchers.

If you haven’t discovered it already, go see this new cafe / Gelateria in town,

Gelateria Beppino #33 West Street is beautiful café. It is run by a lovely couple with a passion for Italian Gelato, gorgeous pastries

and so so much more.

From the Decor , light shades and to the fresh Italian pastries, cakes and wonderful tasty morsels. Everything is thought out and carefully executed with love and elegance.

I love writing about and promoting small local companies it is my own labor of love.

Gelateria Beppino sure does make Bridport a sweeter place!

gelateria beppino for more information

Thanks for visiting

Songs of the Birch

Songs of the Birch

A series that walks you through the sacred woods.

By Suzanne M. Clements

20 paintings in all

Watercolour and acrylics and mixed media

Some paintings including seeds string and rope.

Artist Suzanne M.Clements

Born in US , grew up in the woods in on

East Coast of New England

Grow up with a love and respect of nature.

Suzanne has tough and won awards for her watercolours.

Creating Birch trees from Song sheets is such a delight

Especially from Lawrence Wright’s

“ Songs The World Songs”

Sheet music from

75 Songs for T.V. Radio Film Stage Producers

Created from the composers , song sheets

Lawrence Wright

To create forests of Birch trees with light streaming through

Birch  –   Beith

Ruler of the 1st Lunar Month

24th December – 20th January

Powers:        Purification,     A Guardian of New Beginnings,

Bringer of Hope,         Channeler of Emotion,               Protection.

Birch Healing and Medicine

In the folk medicine of many countries, birch simples were used as curative and preventative tonics as well as on the skin in ointments and oils. These were, and are, considered to have many healing properties

The Druid tree symbol for the Bards

– ‘The Goddess Tree’ – ‘The Lady of the Woods’,  the Birch tree, Betula Pendula is the bringer of promise, light and new beginnings.

Birch is the first of the tree symbols, for the first moon cycle in the Ogham Tree Calendar. Known by the celts as Beith (pronounced ‘bay’) it is the symbol of new beginnings, regeneration, hope, new dawns and the promise of what is to come. The tree carries ancient wisdom and yet appears forever young.



Work Inspired by William Ball founder of ACT

Jacqueline Clements, Mary Ball

For my English & American Mom

SOLD Indio Moods, 2017 # 1

Close up

Twins sm # 8 #9

Work is n progressive below

In Olive Tree Restaurant East Street Bridport

Morning Treat

A dear friend and excellent chef , Tom surprised me this morning and asked me to try his breakfast. He called it Farl and he was mixing it up in a bowl and I just couldn’t understand what he was saying,

” what is it called” I said he spelled it out for me F A R L

I had never heard of this Breakfast Farl so i looked it up and it comes from Scotland or had its roots there. Something to do with a potato pancake cut in portions.

Farl it’s usually made with potatoes and flour but Tom was making out of a squash and put a beautifully poached egg on top it was so so good.

Deliciously good and I’m hoping it will be on the new Menu soon.

Thanks Chef Tom White @ Soulshine or @whit3y92

Making Stones

After a particularly tough morning; for no particular reason, I took myself off to the sea.

The sun is rare and never gets very high on the British Southwestern Coast in November and December. We are so lucky to live near the cliffs and be able to sit on the beach at West Bay.

Looking east along the Jurassic coast

I needed to walk and try and get outside to soak up the winter sun. On my way, I always stop and visit one of my favorite gallery Slaters Yard.

This is a place which I would love to have my own work hanging one day,

Ha, we can all walk toward our dreams , can’t we?

The exhibitions at Sladers Yard are always slightly abstract but in tune with nature and creation. They always have beautiful displays of jewelry, pottery and other functional crafts.

Outside in the garden, where I sit contemplating and writing the sky is beautiful shade of cerulean blue in contrast to the golden Dorset stone , the gallery itself is a work of art, raw and natural but elegant and stylish, the best of all things British.

I also enjoy a hot cup of tea and a crumbly fruit scone, to savor the moment.

A quiet Wednesday afternoon with amber light, chased by icy breeze. The wind creating a whistling through the ropes on masts of the boats moored in the small harbor.

My soul feasted on beautiful images and sculpture called “MoonRising” and some balancing Spheres by Fiamma Montagu. Some other great works of hers like”Many Moons” and other vertical form in black stone wear and round spheres in white porcelain, they are just stunning.

Not only would I love to experience making such beautiful things or try to anyway

but to have them living along side you to look at and feel would be just beautiful, these are timeless works. The theme of the moon, its mythology representing the feminine in very personal to me.

My Mother gave me the moon the I was very young, she gave all her six children an element or wonder, like the stars or the sun. She was very imaginative and had some wonderful idea.

I was pleased with this and delighted that the moon alway followed me home.

It looks like Mother nature created those beautiful stones but I know it was Fiamma who carefully hand crafted each one. linking them together to create beautiful stacks and circular shapes. Some of these sculptures remind me of an Irish Kearn. Elements in time with colors to give them depth and contrast this is done by adding color as red iron oxide, white porcelain and cobolt. These natural shapes were high fired and standing on metal platforms. You could display then inside or outside. I would encourage you to come and just let your eyes feast on these stone like structures , so pleasing to the eyes .

They look as if theses flat round stones washed up on the shore. This is a fabulous show as usual,

I’m so grateful to the people who put these shows together. They bringing such beautiful contemporary British art, furniture and crafts to the heart of West Bay at no charge, no train ride to London it is such a treat.

Other works in the show by Marzia Colonnade Tom Hammick and David Inshae and so much more.

Thanks for visiting .

All photos by Suzanne M. Clements

Tomatillos and Enchiladas

Ever since living in the desert of Arizona and enjoying the Mexican fair.

I want to try to grow Tomatillos. I had heard you needed to grow then in a green house or a Polly tunnel.

Here in south west of England , I knew it be difficult to grow but with a little help from family and friends, I managed to do it and I wanted to share this with you!

photos By Suzanne M. Clements

So here we go…

My cousin Simon started growing his tomatillos a green house, as I did some in my garden along the fence where they would be protected.

He had some left over of the greenhouse he had more success. The left overs went to a friend

who had a protected court yard, where it was warm enough for them to actually flower and pollinate which was along a fence.

So here they are!

Roast the tomatillos in a pan with a little bit of green peppers, olives oil, garlic, salt and onions

Chicken cooked in a broth

Cook the tomatillos down them

Then do your Chicken breast poached in broth with fresh herbs and spring onions. Slow chicken and low.

Here you can see rice chicken spring onions and seasoning.

Rap up in neat parcels and bake in the oven,

Here you can see the end result, amazing !

You can eat some, share or freeze for later,

Yummm !

Special thanks to Simon & Alison Batty

Niki Deverell and John.

Thanks for visiting and happy cooking.

For more


@smbc62 Instagram

One of my favorite ways to get inspiration…

A hot coffee in a special cafe, in my home town of Bridport, with my favorite creative mags, I’m in heaven.

One outstanding example is UPPERCASE for the Creative and Curious. This labor of love, is one of my favorite places to retreat into beautiful pages, packed full of artist, designers and articles on creative adventurers.

In this magazine are delightful stories and an in-depth look at the creative process by men and women from all around the globe from all walks of life. Beautiful examples of art , beautifully printed in the coloulful magazine from artist such as Richard Mcvetis “Variations of a Stitched Cube” which he talks of the “mapping of space”

This magazine feels so wonderful in your hand the pages smell great and the printing is designed to the highest standard.

Janine Vangool the publisher, editor and designer works so hard, her love of the creative process is so inspirational and enables artist working alone in their studios to be part of a larger creative community.

So, if you are hungry for inspiration and appreciate the journey of the creative processes, if you love prints , patterns, beautiful typography, stitching and examples of rich botanicals look up this wonderful inspiration a magazine.

Thanks for visiting,