Painting with the light

Winter Wonderland by Suzanne M. Clements

While your painting and if you can’t paint outside. Great idea is to paint with the light , it will guild you on your placement of shadows.

At a certain time of the day , the light comes in my living room and it helps me guide the shadows in this winter scene , which is so much fun.

Here I’m using a good canvas a lot of white gesso and a bit of watercolor and soluble pencils. I use a Windor& Newton spray matte varnish to ensure integrity of paint, textures sand color. I work from there, I’ll add acrylic paint on top or strips of music sheets for birch trees, which is another delightful technique using a decoupage which is very strong and matte finish , using Pod Podge

Still working on this one, I’m trying to slow down the process and concentrate on glazing and light. Such fun