Keeping a learners Mind

If I don’t know how to do some thing I stop and think about it type into my YouTube channel what is a Meme and how to video on YouTube even explains how to post things on Instagram , no excuses and this is how I keep up with this amazing pace of technology.

I found this wonderful YouTube video that helps explains things like Meme’s and how they originate, pronouns and how people use them in this modern techie world, things I certainly wouldn’t understand and didn’t grow up with,

Wonderful interesting and this will keep you in the know….

Taconic Lake Series

Technique : Watercolours ” Running to the Wood” and layers of colour glazing.

I really enjoy just letting the colours

run freely on the page seeing what colors interact with each other. Sometimes I let it dry completely and start another layer and darker bringing the wood closer, darker creating the illusion of depth. #suzannemclementsartwork