Radiance @ Sladers

Once again my heart leaps with joy as I enter Sladers Yard . The end of September but the sun is shinning here! This time I am here to see a show called RADIANCE.

A gentle walk thought the meadow and along the river, heading to the cliffs of West Bay. For my tea , I always stop and refresh at my favourite gallery cafe.

With artist like Luke Elwes, Alex Lowery, Bob Mallinson and Alfred Stockham all such wonderful artists you can’t go wrong!  Boo’s titals, like Golden Evening, Dorset Beach and Calm the simple beautiful depiction of our coast in it majestic sunlight give me cause to tale a very deep breath, and sigh.
Mr Elwes painting really captured my attention, probably because of my love of painting and attempting to depict light with watercolours , this is my personal challenges.

The ultimate of happy accidents, you know when you are painting or drawing and something happens unexpected, like it rains? You have to take your time and remain open to the elements.

Well,  Mr Elwes does one better he creates masterpieces out of a rainstorm.
a very simple spontaneous concept, water depicting water, simple but not easy at all?
This show will make you smile and look at light , rain and water in a completely different new way.

Once again,

Thank you Sladersyard

http://sladersyard.wordpress.com once again !


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