We Have The World In Our Hands

We are so lucky, we can walk the hills and beaches.

We have the world in our hands handle it with care!

Love Suzanne 

Watercolour by Suzanne Clements
Watercolour by Suzanne Clements


The piercing cold rain, has set in for the winter here in the south west of England, low swiftly moving storms pound the already saturated green hills of Dorset. It’s hard to believe that it’s  been a year since we left the Sonoran desert. The town hall clock chimes out and sown the narrow market town allies  which use to form long rope walks.  Even though we has a really sunny warm summer, Englands long dark wet evening can make anyone submit to death by doueve a term I have not heard of but find quite amusing. Bouncing up to his new bed a fleece covers, metal hammock that hangs off the large metal radiator our old ferrel cat paws a small rolled towel, put there to comfort him after the loss of his older brother after his death. His hopeful efforts, to no avail, shifting and stopping, finally throwing his old hips side ways landing on his full belly , his head swiftly tucked under his front paw.

An Evening with Philip Sutton RA


Sladers Yard

An Evening with Philip Sutton RA

Friday 21 November 5 – 8pm

The talk that Philip Sutton RA is giving on Friday 7th November has SOLD OUT.  For the long list of those who were disappointed and those who would like to meet the artist we are putting on a new event. Please do come on Friday 21st November 5 – 8pm for an informal, meet the artist, book signing gathering. The bar will be open. You can book supper or order a snack when you get here. Otherwise no need to buy tickets.  Just come,  see the show and meet the artist.

Philip Sutton 7

Philip Sutton  Leamington Cockerel oil on canvas 61 x 61in 1999  £39,000

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