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Thanks to BridportReview.com and Elaine Beckett for an excellent review for the wonderful Extreme Baroque which can be read here: http://bridportreview.com/wordpress/extreme-baroque/

Extreme Baroque

6 February 2015

BR rating ****

By Elaine Beckett

‘A bitterly cold night failed to deter violinists Wendy Staal and Bridget Pearse, and cellist Roberto Sorrentino from delivering their finely-tuned exposition of trio sonatas, as well as chiaconnas, which are a form of 17th-century dance music so transparently rhythmic that they were once banned by the Catholic Church.

‘The relatively dry acoustic of the ground floor gallery space allowed the character of each instrument to be heard in detail. Sorrentino’s cello (1768) provided a rich, resonant backdrop to Staal and Pearse, who delighted the audience with their conversational exchanges, effortlessly expressed in Telemann’s G Minor Trio Sonata, and in a beautifully balanced performance of Corelli’s Trio Sonata No1. … Read more

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