Dyslexia, spelling and correction

IMG_4777This week I  posted something on Instagram and it was just a quick comment. Well,  I made a real silly mistake , I felt so small and stupid.

At first I thought,  “oh dear!”  followed by,  my usual shame,  frustration and embarrassment.

I struggled with a response , and well, I just wrote an excuse like” I am Dyslexic and embarrassed” .

It can be excruciating at times and then other times, I can just move on , pick myself up , dust myself off and learn from it.

During college and in all the Jobs I have been lucky enough enjoy, I didn’t let it overwhelm me or let it be an excuse. Luckily I was able to compensate with creative and interesting ways of excel.

It is really important to understand a Dyslexic person is not stupid or lazy!

Some find it harder to compensate as you get older or during times of stress.

If we let having Dyslexia stop us from writing or posting,  we would never write, and never be heard.

People with Dyslexia, come in all shapes and sizes, young, old and are wonderfully creative people.

So, if you are reading this site and you see a spelling mistake, please there is no need to correct my spelling or grammar and thanks you for not commenting or judging.

It is no excuse and will utilize all the tools at my disposal to check and recheck.

For all you dyslexics out there here is a great site for you: Ghotit

Ghotit Assistive Technology 

Ghotit Real Writer & Reader software includes advanced writing and reading assistive technologies tailor-made for people with dyslexia and dysgraphia:

• Context and phonetic spell checker
• Grammar and punctuation checker
• Proofreader
• Reader that can read out any document
• Word prediction, contextual & phonetic
• Integrated word dictionary US, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and South African dictionaries

Thanks Suzanne