Today is for healing and hoping

This is courage, a real slice of life, we all struggle.
Some days it gets easy and others well harder hang on in there!
I wish you well, take it one day at a time!


Today, I feel like writing. Today feels like a pause, amid the paralysis and misery and fear. Today feels like maybe a new start, to think of ways to heal.

Of course, today could be like those other days, that start with sunshine and end in tears or rage. But that’s OK. Because at this moment, this precious, single moment in time, I feel like things are going to get better.


I’ve carved out space, away from friends and family and even my dog, just to be. I don’t think it’s about isolating myself – typical symptom of depression. I simply could not cope with simple everyday interactions. And I needed space to heal.  (Thank you, mum and dad and Miranda and Robert and Bindy. I’ll be back soon).

This space is quiet, bright, and gentle. It allows a peace to wash over me, like a summer breeze. It turns…

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