Visit to my local Gallery

Perfect tonic for the “January’s ” as I call them, a walk to Sladers Yard.Dream Visions is on right now

Painting by Alferd Stockjam ARCA RWA and his circle 

The show is on till February 28th. Some of my favorite are the small bright shapes which made me smile. 

Especially, loved the whimsical paintings by Simon Garden RWA which are full of color light and textures his work would strike me as he depicts the human condition. 

Once again thanks Sladers Yard for top quality exhibits brought here to West bay 

Thanks for visiting, 


Link to –  Sladers

New Gifts & Lessons Inspired by My Beautiful, Altered Brain

creativity in motion

When I was a senior in college (1994), I joined the American Art Therapy Association. As a member, one of my favorite benefits was receiving Art Therapy: The Journal of The American Art Therapy Association. As a young student getting to know this profession, reading the literature inside was always inspiring. I also really enjoyed seeing what art graced the cover. Often the very first thing I would do was open the issue and look for the masthead about the art and what art therapist created it.

So a few months ago, it was a huge surprise and honor to have the opportunity to contribute my own art for the last issue of 2015 (Volume 32, Number 4). In particular, an image from 2012 My Beautiful, Altered Brain series, which is super dear to my heart.

This week, I was able to see and hold this…

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