Tomatillos and Enchiladas

Ever since living in the desert of Arizona and enjoying the Mexican fair.

I want to try to grow Tomatillos. I had heard you needed to grow then in a green house or a Polly tunnel.

Here in south west of England , I knew it be difficult to grow but with a little help from family and friends, I managed to do it and I wanted to share this with you!

photos By Suzanne M. Clements

So here we go…

My cousin Simon started growing his tomatillos a green house, as I did some in my garden along the fence where they would be protected.

He had some left over of the greenhouse he had more success. The left overs went to a friend

who had a protected court yard, where it was warm enough for them to actually flower and pollinate which was along a fence.

So here they are!

Roast the tomatillos in a pan with a little bit of green peppers, olives oil, garlic, salt and onions

Chicken cooked in a broth

Cook the tomatillos down them

Then do your Chicken breast poached in broth with fresh herbs and spring onions. Slow chicken and low.

Here you can see rice chicken spring onions and seasoning.

Rap up in neat parcels and bake in the oven,

Here you can see the end result, amazing !

You can eat some, share or freeze for later,

Yummm !

Special thanks to Simon & Alison Batty

Niki Deverell and John.

Thanks for visiting and happy cooking.

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