Morning Treat

A dear friend and excellent chef , Tom surprised me this morning and asked me to try his breakfast. He called it Farl and he was mixing it up in a bowl and I just couldn’t understand what he was saying,

” what is it called” I said he spelled it out for me F A R L

I had never heard of this Breakfast Farl so i looked it up and it comes from Scotland or had its roots there. Something to do with a potato pancake cut in portions.

Farl it’s usually made with potatoes and flour but Tom was making out of a squash and put a beautifully poached egg on top it was so so good.

Deliciously good and I’m hoping it will be on the new Menu soon.

Thanks Chef Tom White @ Soulshine or @whit3y92

Making Stones

After a particularly tough morning; for no particular reason, I took myself off to the sea.

The sun is rare and never gets very high on the British Southwestern Coast in November and December. We are so lucky to live near the cliffs and be able to sit on the beach at West Bay.

Looking east along the Jurassic coast

I needed to walk and try and get outside to soak up the winter sun. On my way, I always stop and visit one of my favorite gallery Slaters Yard.

This is a place which I would love to have my own work hanging one day,

Ha, we can all walk toward our dreams , can’t we?

The exhibitions at Sladers Yard are always slightly abstract but in tune with nature and creation. They always have beautiful displays of jewelry, pottery and other functional crafts.

Outside in the garden, where I sit contemplating and writing the sky is beautiful shade of cerulean blue in contrast to the golden Dorset stone , the gallery itself is a work of art, raw and natural but elegant and stylish, the best of all things British.

I also enjoy a hot cup of tea and a crumbly fruit scone, to savor the moment.

A quiet Wednesday afternoon with amber light, chased by icy breeze. The wind creating a whistling through the ropes on masts of the boats moored in the small harbor.

My soul feasted on beautiful images and sculpture called “MoonRising” and some balancing Spheres by Fiamma Montagu. Some other great works of hers like”Many Moons” and other vertical form in black stone wear and round spheres in white porcelain, they are just stunning.

Not only would I love to experience making such beautiful things or try to anyway

but to have them living along side you to look at and feel would be just beautiful, these are timeless works. The theme of the moon, its mythology representing the feminine in very personal to me.

My Mother gave me the moon the I was very young, she gave all her six children an element or wonder, like the stars or the sun. She was very imaginative and had some wonderful idea.

I was pleased with this and delighted that the moon alway followed me home.

It looks like Mother nature created those beautiful stones but I know it was Fiamma who carefully hand crafted each one. linking them together to create beautiful stacks and circular shapes. Some of these sculptures remind me of an Irish Kearn. Elements in time with colors to give them depth and contrast this is done by adding color as red iron oxide, white porcelain and cobolt. These natural shapes were high fired and standing on metal platforms. You could display then inside or outside. I would encourage you to come and just let your eyes feast on these stone like structures , so pleasing to the eyes .

They look as if theses flat round stones washed up on the shore. This is a fabulous show as usual,

I’m so grateful to the people who put these shows together. They bringing such beautiful contemporary British art, furniture and crafts to the heart of West Bay at no charge, no train ride to London it is such a treat.

Other works in the show by Marzia Colonnade Tom Hammick and David Inshae and so much more.

Thanks for visiting .

All photos by Suzanne M. Clements