Songs of the Birch

Songs of the Birch is a series that walks you through the sacred woods.

By Suzanne M. Clements

20 paintings in all

Watercolour and acrylics and mixed media

Some paintings including seeds string and rope.

Artist Suzanne M.Clements

Born in US , grew up in the woods in on

East Coast of New England

Grow up with a love and respect of nature.

Suzanne has taugh and was lucky to have won awards for her watercolours.

Creating Birch trees from Song sheets is such a delight and a magical experience

Especially from Lawrence Wright’s

“ Songs The World Songs”

Sheet music from

75 Songs for T.V. Radio Film Stage Producers

Created from the composers , song sheets

Lawrence Wright

To create forests of Birch trees with light streaming through


Birch  –   Beith

Ruler of the 1st Lunar Month

24th December – 20th January

Powers:        Purification,     A Guardian of New Beginnings,

Bringer of Hope,         Channeler of Emotion,               Protection.

Birch Healing and Medicine

In the folk medicine of many countries, birch simples were used as curative and preventative tonics as well as on the skin in ointments and oils. These were, and are, considered to have many healing properties

The Druid tree symbol for the Bards

– ‘The Goddess Tree’ – ‘The Lady of the Woods’,  the Birch tree, Betula Pendula is the bringer of promise, light and new beginnings.

Birch is the first of the tree symbols, for the first moon cycle in the Ogham Tree Calendar. Known by the celts as Beith (pronounced ‘bay’) it is the symbol of new beginnings, regeneration, hope, new dawns and the promise of what is to come. The tree carries ancient wisdom and yet appears forever young.

Work Inspired by William Ball founder of ACT

Jacqueline Clements, Mary Ball

For my English & American Mom

SOLD Indio Moods, 2017 # 1

Close up

Twins sm # 8 #9

Work is n progressive below

In Olive Tree Restaurant East Street Bridport

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