I come from…( an Exercise

I Come from the full moon

I come from the woods

and the river that ambled by

I come from many children

I come from under a damp leaf

I come from Blue Hill Road

I came from children with salty fingers

and where the deer licked there hands

I come from the O’Brien’s , who made boots

I came from love that ran from grief

I came from soft grass and large sky’s

From hard wooden floors and muddy ponds

I come from under the lake where the salamanders hide

I come form prayers and for Pete sake

I come from a thin space where eyes can not see

I come you and I go to me

I come from a game thats called out your name from behind trees

I come from a dream and a cup of tea

I come from indigo that runs into sap green

I come from a long breath followed by a deep sign

I come from watermelon and ice pops

I come from laughter and sugary sweets

I come from holding hands in the shadows of night

I come from the wind

I come from the sun

I come from a words, waiting to be sung

By Suzanne M Clements

Gelateria Beppino

You must stop by and visit this wonderful cafe and say hi to Suzanne & Beppino, sit for while and try one of Suzanne’s wonderful tasty pastries.

I’m amazed that some people still do not know this cafe is here in Bridport.

Knowing what a company gets wrong is not always easy, but I sure know when I see one that’s got it right.

Having started and run a few small businesses in my early life. I understand the dedication and difficulty that goes into opening and running a new company.

The pressure of starting up, opening and then making businesses a success, you need experience and tenacity.

I enjoy supporting new business with good style and consistent branding. Some might say Bridport has enough coffee shops but I disagree, I believe it will become a place to come to get a drink and spend time in our town, with wide sidewalks busy market and plenty of seating. Crowds come with warm summer days and the town will always be busy. Our wide Sidewalk overflowing with people sightseeing and people watchers.

If you haven’t discovered it already, go see this new cafe / Gelateria in town,

Gelateria Beppino #33 West Street is beautiful café. It is run by a lovely couple with a passion for Italian Gelato, gorgeous pastries

and so so much more.

From the Decor , light shades and to the fresh Italian pastries, cakes and wonderful tasty morsels. Everything is thought out and carefully executed with love and elegance.

I love writing about and promoting small local companies it is my own labor of love.

Gelateria Beppino sure does make Bridport a sweeter place!

gelateria beppino for more information

Thanks for visiting