Taconic Lake Series

Technique : Watercolours ” Running to the Wood” and layers of colour glazing.

I really enjoy just letting the colours

run freely on the page seeing what colors interact with each other. Sometimes I let it dry completely and start another layer and darker bringing the wood closer, darker creating the illusion of depth. #suzannemclementsartwork

Songs of the Birch

Birch songs #22 October 2019

Sometimes, when I start to create my birch trees, I can get a bit lost in the woods. a good perspective,  I use my iPhone to take a photo and turn into a black-and-white photography on my Iphone. Doing this really helps me to sort out the balance the contrast, the composition, it’s a wonderful tool to use. 

I remember in school I remember in college we would take her paintings to mirror  and look at them in reverse to see any flaws in the compositions. It helps you separate the subject matter from the form design and texture.

Creating Birch Songs in acrylic i use a very different style. When I paint a picture I plan out All the details and get an idea how I want the picture to look, but doing this birch trees series is more experiential it is like creating a new piece of music each time. When I start , I don’t know where I’m gonna end. The progression is the most magical feeling and I just hope to bring that out and have the view, experience the same wonder of the musical these woods.