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Keeping a learners Mind

If I don’t know how to do some thing I stop and think about it type into my YouTube channel what is a Meme and how to video on YouTube even explains how to post things on Instagram , no excuses and this is how I keep up with this amazing pace of technology.

I found this wonderful YouTube video that helps explains things like Meme’s and how they originate, pronouns and how people use them in this modern techie world, things I certainly wouldn’t understand and didn’t grow up with,

Wonderful interesting and this will keep you in the know….

Taconic Lake Series

Technique : Watercolours ” Running to the Wood” and layers of colour glazing.

I really enjoy just letting the colours

run freely on the page seeing what colors interact with each other. Sometimes I let it dry completely and start another layer and darker bringing the wood closer, darker creating the illusion of depth. #suzannemclementsartwork

Songs of the Birch

Birch songs #22 October 2019

Sometimes, when I start to create my birch trees, I can get a bit lost in the woods. a good perspective,  I use my iPhone to take a photo and turn into a black-and-white photography on my Iphone. Doing this really helps me to sort out the balance the contrast, the composition, it’s a wonderful tool to use. 

I remember in school I remember in college we would take her paintings to mirror  and look at them in reverse to see any flaws in the compositions. It helps you separate the subject matter from the form design and texture.

Creating Birch Songs in acrylic i use a very different style. When I paint a picture I plan out All the details and get an idea how I want the picture to look, but doing this birch trees series is more experiential it is like creating a new piece of music each time. When I start , I don’t know where I’m gonna end. The progression is the most magical feeling and I just hope to bring that out and have the view, experience the same wonder of the musical these woods.

Wander and Foraging

One of my favorite thing to do is to wonder through the woods.
Looking  carefully at everything , studying and exploring the  natural wonders around me. It always lifts my spirits and reminds me of the miracle of life.0AEB8580-69BE-4A00-88F6-78C0426206E2

Here a snail started climbing out of the leaves I brought back from the woods , he was so curious and full of character. 


life gets very busy and we forget to Stop, breath and enjoy the life and all it’s amazing gifts, for me nature is the key to staying curious and in curiosity we experience joy.

Camera obscura Jerez Spain

While I was in Spain I was lucky enough to visit, Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera, I was so excited when I found out they had a camera obscura, first I’ve never seen one and having studied it in art in the survey of western art I was quite surprised how large this one was, it had a lens at the top and so it magnified the city scape onto this beautiful white disk below and we stood in the dark on top of the castle and it was really quite an extraordinary exciting events for me

Below you can see how the Tour guide is playing with the card, allows the image of the person to walk up onto the card and put him down again it was delightfully fun

Camera Obscura

I wonder if it would be like an artist today using a photo projector and projecting an image on the wall and then drawing it.

Do you think that would that be the equivalent what are your thoughts onit? Fascinating idea, it is a kind of a cheating but also very clever…

Sometimes when I use my iPad I feel like I’m cheating; however, I’ve had years of drawing and years of experience as a painter, drawing on the iPad is like drawing on paper so is there a difference. Maybe the difference just in a finished piece that you print out later. You have a photo or poster, rather than brush strokes on a canvas?

Another question; Would having a photograph or a poster created from an iPad make a difference to you as a finished piece?

More about how the old masters used this technique

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