A Tree                                                      Watercolour  by Suzanne M. Clements


Colmers Hill, Symondsbury        Watercolour by Suzanne M. Clements


Colmers Hill 2                        Watercolour by Suzanne M. Clements


A wonderful mindfulness exsercise is to go for

A walk in the woods and find some leaves. Walk slow and pay close attention to all the little details, touch and smell be present to the beauty around you , breath deep and collect some bits and peces from the woods.

You will see things you have never seen before.   

The breath of the heart

young girl praying, by suzanne Clements
young girl praying

There are times in my life when I wonder, is it better to grow up without a structure religion.
I Guess it depends the actual structure? As a child I was taught to pray. The stucture for me was a bit harsh and I rebelled, you see when you are young you believe. 50 years later I sit and wonder what was it all about. Today, I know the breath is where the spirit is, the breath of our heart, being is in our breath. So Simple and our hearts just keep on beating as we breath. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad we just are. We live and we create.