Musings on creativity

Creative Fires how do you get them lite?

Do what works for you

Find out what get your creative juices flowing….


Read Poety-

Mindful Creativity –

An “Artist Date ”

From the book “the Artist Way” by JULIAN Camernson

Artist Inspiration –

Distraction –

Walk on the beach or doing the ordinary daily chores

Color Therapy –

Make a mess! – lay out a pile of paper about 10 sheet (if your on a budget cut your paper in half) and paint and set the timer for 15 or 20 minutes and lay paint down , full the paper with color. Don’t be afraid to make a mess.

This so so important to loosen and stretch out your creative knots and clogs!

Keep the table laid for creativity.

I put out my palette, bush and water on your table if you can, your tools will lure you in for a play yes play it’s helps if you remember to play

Other tools : workin on you Pintest boards



Sketching in a cafe my favorite,

Alway remember to have fun!

Thanks for visiting



By Suzanne M. Clements


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