Musings on creativity

Creative Fires, how do you get them lite?

Do what works for you….

Find out what get your creative juices flowing…. write it down like a recipe.


Read Poety- or

Have poetry read to you.

Mindful Creativity, using the senses

An “Artist Date ” From the book “the Artist Way” by JULIAN Camernson

Artist Inspiration –

Distraction –

Walk on the beach or doing the ordinary daily chores

Color Therapy –

Make a mess! – lay out a pile of paper about 10 sheet (if your on a budget cut your paper in half) and paint and set the timer for 15 or 20 minutes and lay paint down , full the paper with color. Don’t be afraid to make a mess. Some people like charcoal.

This so so important to loosen and stretch out your creative knots and clogs!

Keep the table laid for creativity

Leave it out don’t tidy it up….

I put out my palette, bush and water on your table if you can, your tools will lure you in for a play, yes play it’s helps if you remember to play

Other tools : workin on you Pintest boards I love doing this this always works for me picking colors textures patterns in nature so much fun

Podcasts, I have a set a podcast I listen to the “Goodlife Project ” “On Being “or just “the Jealous Curator” who talks about work and interviews other artists which is always so inspiring, oh can be found on the link to see for C4C,


Sketching in a cafe my favorite,

Alway remember to have fun!

Thanks for visiting



By Suzanne M. Clements

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